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Look no further. I believe in website content that truly captures and reflects the core of what a business is communicating. My aim as a Web Content Writer is to interpret the nature of a business in to appropriate words for the web. I write clear, concise, and easy-to-follow web content. I specialise in web content writing for travel and tourism, and for campervan travel related businesses. When combined with good web design and effective SEO, my website copy helps your website climb Google's natural search rankings, and achieves customer interaction on your site quickly and effectively.

So can anyone think of any reason a man who owns a lot of insurance companies like @arron_banks would spend money bankrolling a man who says the NHS should be moved to an insurance based system after #brexit like @nigel_farage? I mean it’s beyond me.

This is a hospital bill from America, where the health system is privatised, just like millionaires like Nigel Farage want.

Hell, they can afford to get ill.

Can you??


Then don't vote Farage.

The British right, via Johnson & Farage, is abandoning any pretence that it cares about ethics, financial probity, integrity or family values. We’re entering an era of unprecedented public amorality & it’s been ushered in by voters who mostly won’t be around for the consequences.

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