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Freelance writing – the ‘thinking’ element

Welcome to my newlook blog!  I’m using my blog for a random selection on all things related to my freelance work. Topics related to freelance working, copywriting, web content writing, marketing, tourism, and, most inspiring for me, all things creative. I thought I’d start by focusing on the ‘thinking’ part of a creative project. How […]

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Can anyone write effective web content?

The simple answer is NO. But first, let’s work out how web content fits into the bigger picture. Ultimately, we all want customers to find our sites and to stay on them. And we want them to stay long enough to realise that our products and services are just what they’ve been looking for. How […]

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Words for the web

I’ve been writing copy and working in the world of marketing for 16 years, continually entranced by the magic of words and how, when well put together, good copy can seduce a reader and draw them in to the world that the words are talking about. Here are 10 steps to achieving effective web content […]

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