Creative Writing

Writing that comes from the imagination, that tells a story. It’s the fine art of making things up in the most attractive way.

Fry’s English Delight

Really enjoying listening to the latest series of Stephen Fry’s English Delight on Radio 4, Wednesday mornings at 9am. He explores the highways and byways of the English language and has a knack of  making certain things ‘fascinating’ which maybe we wouldn’t normally consider ‘fascinating’. So far he’s talked about the ‘Qwerty’ keyboard, ‘do men […]

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‘Festival’ creativity continued

  I made it to some of the Brighton Festival Artists’ Open Houses last weekend. We concentrated on the Five Ways Houses and, out of all the ones we visited, this one – Lampost 13 – touched me most. A delightful house, full of colour, vibrancy, warmth and welcome. It reminded me of The Bloomsbury […]

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How much do our surroundings impact on creativity?

I recently spent four days travelling around the beautiful Rhodope mountains of Bulgaria.  It reminded me how, when surrounded by such magnificent views and picturesque scenery, it makes it so much easier to gather inspiration, excite creativity, and help words to flow. And then I heard a programme on Radio 4 about famous British poets […]

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The joy of the English Language (and using it in copy)

‘Gloriously Goaty game for any gregarious gallivant‘.  I spent a day in London last weekend helping a friend to celebrate her birthday and came across this wonderful example of alliteration.  With these delightful words next to clever imagery and on colourful packaging I was easily persuaded to buy the product behind the words (which was, […]

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I went to see the film Nine the other day and absolutely loved it.  For me, the film sums up my perception of ‘all things creative’. Set in Italy in the stylish 60’s and based on Federico Fellini’s 1963 classic autobiographical film ‘eight and a half’, for those of you who haven’t seen it yet, […]

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