Writing For Social Media

Are people talking about you and your company, and ‘spreading the word’ in all the right social media places?

People are social creatures, they like to talk, gossip and pass on stories and experiences, and people, companies and businesses are using a wide range of social media tools and applications to get their stories, messages, products and services out into the marketplace.

My social media copy that’s brief, snappy, friendly and engaging, will get people talking about you and your company on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn,  What better way to get new customers on board than to get other people ‘talking about you and your company’ for you!

It may be that you need writing help across-the-board for your website, for SEO and for your social media content.  I am happy to help with this as it would certainly give you a consistent ‘tone of voice’ across all of your online marketing tools.

Examples of my Writing For Social Media

SEO blog writing for campervan hire

Sarah has written some really great web copy and blog writing copy for camperconnect.com that has actually resulted in much better rankings on Google. She has been so helpful and writes such clear and engaging content that we have no need to look elsewhere for content writing services. We will continue to use Sarah's services in the future and can't recommend her highly enough (October 2016) James Curran | Camperconnect.com

Blog writing – campervans


colourful campervans

James Curran at Camperconnect.com was looking for a professional blog writer to provide 2-4 targeted SEO web content articles per month.  This was way back at the beginning of January 2016.

I ‘jumped’ at the opportunity.  My dream blog writing job had arrived after 10 years of web content writing freelancing.  And now?  I am writing two ‘campervan hire’ blog posts every month. Plus regular one-off web content updates for the main camperconnect.com website.

Best of all, I’m immersed in the cool and captivating world of campervans.

Blog writing – campervan holidays

Campervan holidays (both UK and abroad) are right up there with the very best of camping, caravanning and glamping and are fast emerging as one of the most popular (and fun!) ways of taking off for a weekend break, a week’s camping adventure, or a multi-UK destination summer holiday.  What better way to coast-along through the UK’s glorious and varied counties than sitting up high in a cool, colourful camper, knowing that your supper is in the camper kitchen, you can park-up whenever you want, and, best of all, there’s no need to pitch a tent in the rain.

Blog writing - cool campervan

Cool campervan

Did you know that there are over 100 campervan festivals and meet-ups taking place up and down the UK throughout the year?  With names such as Camperjam, Dubs in the Middle, VDub at the Pub, Beach Buggin, and Gathering off the Hill, how could you not be tempted to join one of these laid-back, family friendly and glorious festivals that are jam-packed with live music, entertainment, camping fun, VW enthusiasm, show ‘n’ shine competitions, food festivals, children’ events and much more.

And, it’s SO easy to hire a camper these days.  From classic VW campers to larger family-friendly motorhomes, the choice is yours.  With names such as Maggie May, Henry, Mrs Robinson, and Delilah, and glorious colours from bright yellow and vermillion green to mango, turquoise and sea green, campervanning is such a fun way to holiday.

Blog writing – thank you!

I’m definitely hooked. And I’ll probably get even more hooked as this blog writing project continues.

So thank you James for finding me and my web content writing.  It’s definitely been worth the wait.


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Twitter campaign for Blue Sail

Sarah focuses her creativity on: writing for the web, online marketing and e-communications; and brings writing flair, enthusiasm and resourcefulness to Blue Sail projects. Amanda Shepherd | Blue Sail

In partnership with Blue Sail, I wrote daily tweets for over two years (2010-2012) for the North East England tourism toolkit.

I took on the contract role of administrator for the toolkit website, a business resource for local tourism businesses through the North East of England, and tweeted daily on behalf of the toolkit, wrote regular news items and wrote, updated, and uploaded helpful business-related documents on to the website.

By the time the contract ended, the Twitter campaign had reached over 1,000 followers.

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App content for CabMyRide

'Love it'!! Arjan Sahota (October 2014) | Cab My Ride

I wrote short, sharp and snappy web content for CabMyRide’s free downloadable app that helps customers in Southampton hail a cab within ‘two taps’.

I also wrote new web content for their website, launched this year, to promote their innovative new taxi booking service for the Southampton area.

They had two smart phone applications going live and asked me to ‘edit and spice up’ their app description text.

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