Word of the week: Metamorphosing….

They say ‘change’ is good for you……

I much prefer the word metamorphosis.  It conjures up such nice things such as the transformation of a caterpillar into abutterfly.

My metamorphosis from a freelance web content writer into a NIA Dance teacher in Staffordshire/Derbyshire is certainly taking its time, particularly as I find I’ve metamorphisised back into freelance working in Brighton...

NIA Dance practice has helped to kept me calm, grounded, energised, alert, supple, happy, focused and aware.

And, best of all, my body literally shouts at me when I’ve been sitting at my desk for far too long!

It won’t be long before I’m back starting up my NIA classes at John Taylor School in Barton under Needwood …..

Many thanks to Nia with Rosie for helping me along the way.