‘Word of the week’ – serendipity

My job is all about ‘words’ and making ‘words’ work in the copywriting and web content writing world.

So I thought I’d create a ‘word of the week’ blog spot focusing on ‘words’ that we just don’t seem to use much in our everyday language.

And then I’m going to try and use these ‘words’ as much as I can so they become part of my life.


First word is Serendipity.

What does it mean?

n. the faculty of  making happy and unexpected discoveries by accident

What does it mean to me?

  • the name of a restaurant in Islington, above the antiques market in Upper Street (unfortunately now closed)
  • the title of a film starring Kate Beckinsale and John Cusack
  • it’s what happens when you’re in Brighton
  • heavenly, idealistic, wonderful

What does it mean to you?